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Things to see and do

Walks and Tracks

The climate of Tongariro National Park is highly unpredictable and changes quickly. Check the latest weather forecast and track conditions before starting out on any hikes - always be prepared for bad weather.

- Rotopounamu Track - 2 hours

- Tama Lakes - 5-6 hours

- Taranaki Falls walk - 2 hours

- Mangawhero Falls walk - 5-10 min

Horse Riding

Riding through native bushlands, across river valleys that rise up to the high points to see the mountains & wildlife.


A special way to see New Zealand nature at its best.

National Park Shuttles

Offering a friendly service ensuring your journey with us is Safe and Reliable.

National Park Shuttles is the only Tangata Whenua (Local People) operator from the National Park Village offering a fantastic one way trip.

We promote safety first for all our customers.

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